Roadshow follies

I have been saving these up for awhile, yes, but I present them to you now in the spirit of the annual movie awards season.
It never ceases to amaze me how some folks behave when they are caught red-handed doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

This woman and her passenger were driving on the wrong side of the street and without helmets when the police, unsurprisingly, pulled her over.

Oscar-worthy, isn’t it? 

A woman in Hanoi was charged after repeatedly slapping a police officer after her 13-year-old nephew and another boy were pulled over for driving without helmets.

A very drunk customs officer smashed his car into a US embassy vehicle parked in front of the American embassy in Hanoi. He then got into a fight with the security staff and called up his drinking buddies to come and beat up the guards and police officers on the scene who were attempting to tow his car, while righteously hollering the equivalent of “Do you know who I am?”

Ignore the sensationalized title of the video below and the announcer’s God awful pronunciation of Vietnamese names and think instead how this might have played out where you live.

The remarkable thing is how calm the cops are during these incidents with nary a fist, nightstick or gun brandished. Elsewhere, Canadian cops Taser teenagers in the head without provocation and American cops routinely mace and club peaceful protestors or shoot to kill unarmed black boys.

How is it that in a country like Vietnam, with few civil liberties, these traffic antics are tolerated, but in the West—constitutional rights and all—there is increasingly less room for dialogue, let alone public dissent, and more lethal power granted to the ones who should be serving the people, not mastering them.

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