Santa salute

Oh, that’s a sweet nutcracker

Buffalo Surf caught this Santa on the fly today and as you can see, it was hard to resist his charms. This is why Vietnam can be a fun place to live—it’s highly adaptive. Others would say interpretive, but that’s splitting hairs. If you are in the seasonal spirit but don’t quite have all the fixings, you make do. Out in District 7 this skinny Ray-Ban wearing mannequin greets customers heading into a karaoke bar. Sexy Santa if you will, while the eye takes in the droopy pillow-stuffed belly, that jacket reveals all the reward: “Ho ho ho,” he whispers, “I’m not really a fat bastard. Clap your eyes upon my creamy chest and glistening pecs.” Now Ken here isn’t in possession of any pants (and many aren’t after a long night of karaoke), so he finds himself draped in red fabric and bow, but still keeping it real with that sly model pout. The only thing we’re just not so sure of is if Santa is trying to hail some drunken reindeer back to the sleigh or if he’s dropping a coy Hello Kitty for the cognoscenti. 

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