Don’t be evil

Halloween hangovers abound—for some too much sugar; for others still trying to remove the Dracula face paint; and for the rest, the next day regrets of how much a wig or mask can transform one’s self, even the most reserved among us, if just for one dark spooky night.
But all the ghosts and ghouls got me thinking. Living in Vietnam can produce a shed-load of daily negativity and well, that’s beastly: the news reports of fake doctors; endless rip-offs; corruption; turf warfare; scary economics; do we really need to mention the traffic again; moaning expats; and WTF moments that can reduce a grown man (or, on occasion, woman) to tears. So when an offering in solidarity and peace comes along, you snatch at it, like greedy Gollum and his Precious.
A friend (and—full disclosure—former roommate) recently caught the eye of a national television station and its weekly show Impressive Vietnam
Catch Stu on TV being, perhaps, not like the rest of us hobgoblins.  
Note: for those who are time-challenged or impatient start at 3:37 into the video and don’t worry, there’s great subtitles.


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